Environmental impact studies

Evaluation of environmental impacts generated by new projects, extensions, reconversion and rehabilitation facilities. Manufacture of basic studies: hydrological, hydrogeological, environmental baseline: water, soil, air, biological, socio-economic and opinion studies, topography, pollutant dispersion modeling, among others. In order to suggest an environmental management program for projects in the construction phase, operation and closure, if applicable. Support in managing environmental permits of projects.

Modelling of atmospheric emissions.

Estimation of atmospheric emissions, to predict the characteristics of the exhaust gases emitted into the atmosphere and modeling the dispersion plume, to determine compliance with local and international regulations.

Hydrological and hydrogeological studies

Resource management of underground and surface water. Determine the availability of water resources for the design of water supply systems; evaluate water conditions of surface water bodies in the project area in order to design hydraulic works and protection. Proposal for wastewater management project.

Soil studies

Characterization of soils from an agricultural point of view, soil type, geological and geotechnical.

Biological and limnological studies

Typology of terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna, its management and possible impacts on biota.

Socioeconomic study and opinion survey

Description of socioeconomic conditions and public health and social relations of the population in the area of influence of the projects. Also, the identification of principal actors and opinion surveys of the projects.