“Diagnosis of the termal power plants and environmental impact assessment of new projects.”

Country: El Salvador

Year of completion: From 1999 to 2007

Description: Conducting environmental diagnosis for: Acajutla thermal power plant, thermal power plant Soyapango, San Miguel thermal power plant and Fuel Terminal in La Union.

Environmental impact studies for projects of “Soyapango thermal power plant modernization” and projects for the use of alternative fuel in Acajutla thermal power plant: modifying coal, fuel oil and Orimulsion.

In the last project mentioned above, emission estimations and dispersion modeling were carried out, and water for docking systems and benthos studies, fuel handling, waste, among others.

Related services:

  • Environmental auditing of thermal power plants: Acajutla, Soyapango, San Miguel.
  • Environmental impact assessments: Modernization of Soyapango thermal power plant, use of alternative fuel in Acajutla thermal power plant.